janiceJanice, the incomparable cake lady...

"Janice, the incomparable cake lady...." (1) is a testament to her unique style and attention to detail. Janice began testing and modifying recipes which, at first a hobby, quickly turned into a business after supplying a first-class hotel. Over the years, she has developed a loyal customer base which now includes top event planners, caterers, and other industry professionals (2), creating personalized cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and country-style pies. Her cakes have been featured in various magazines and she appears on TV on occasion to discuss the trends in wedding cake designs. 

She gives back to the community through Share the Warmth - Taste of the Nation - Montreal/Table du Partage, Dans la rue, Sarah Cook Foundation of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

(1) Janice, the incomparable cake lady whose creations boast icings in the form of gift wrappings and more ... had a table there and people flocked to it – Nancy Snipper,  The Chronicle, April 30, 2007    

(2) ... j'ai été vraiment heureux que tu puisses m'aider avec ce fameux gâteau... tu es la seule personne que je réfèrerais à ma clientèle ...  Chef Ian Perreault

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